We are a boutique Swiss organisation who creates à la carte language training solutions for companies that are tailored to their needs and in line with their long-term growth objectives.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of professionals by inspiring them to communicate better internationally and in the foreign language of their choice.

As business communication experts, we offer high-end services to our customers by accompanying them and advising them throughout their ascent. Our programs offer them an immediate return on investment which, in the long term, generates sustainable results. In order to achieve these goals, we leverage both our human insight and business know-how as well as our teaching talent.

Our work is meticulous and creates synergies between foreign language learning, experience and organisations to design innovative services and create environments that bring value and meaning to our clients’ lives.


Margot Rischmann

Margot Rischmann

Founder & Language Coach

Margot is a creative international Business Expert and Private Language Coach committed to elevating people’s lives through the innovative foreign language courses she offers.

Whether she established a Business English winning strategy with a CEO for an M&A deal or coached a professional to prepare for their first interview in English, Margot’s method systematically offers empathy, optimism and sharpness.

The daughter of polyglot enthusiastic travelers brought her to live, study and work around the globe. She became trilingual from having lived worked and studied in six countries, three continents and from traveling to 40 countries. Equally passionate about commerce and the human kind, she studied Business and Psychology in Switzerland where she then worked for many organisations from numerous industries. Her business acumen led her to becoming an autodidact entrepreneur. As a result, her teaching method lies in her unique aptitude of combining language training and business expertise for a superior return on investment and which enables her to create tailored-made training programs for her partners.

When she is not the zealous and versatile CEO, Founder and Language Trainer of LCG, Margot is a creative and inspired artist and painter who exhibits her work in Switzerland. She is also a member of several entrepreneurial associations such as the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Geneva (CCIG).

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